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Some people might have wondered that why i quite often wrote about WILDONE (on Twitter and this blog) even though i’m “The Person” of SSI JAPAN (SSI JAPANのアイシ); so today, I’m going to introduce you to our related companies.

SSI JAPAN is a sex toys maker that creates a variety of sex toys: Masturbators, vibrators, vibrating dildos, rotors, love dolls and even souveniors; while WILDONE is a company with eight shops and one bar in Tokyo and three shops in China, all of which are our related companies. Yes, we are internationally doing our business. Also, SSI JAPAN, the headquarters of WILDONE (本店), the WILDONE of Dogenzaka (道玄坂店) and the bar (The VIBEBAR WILDONE) are located in Shibuya.



Don’t tell me you don’t know her: JULIA, who is one of the Japanese leading porn stars. We went to Shanghai with her for the Shanghai convention.

New versions of REAL BODY are here

Pink Denma

Pink Denma 3

Yeah, this is the Pink Denma that took the asian market by storm right after the TV show: Poko x Tate had aired.

The Vagina-looking gate of the headquarters of WILDONE

The Vagina-looking gate of the headquarters of WILDONE

Surrounded by love hotels.



The VIBEBAR displays more than three hundred vibrators/vibrating dildos. You can touch them to see how they work.

There are some rules for entering the VIBEBAR: Basically, this bar is for women; so if you are male you must be with a woman to enter. Also, if you come in a group, the number of women and men must be either even or more women than men.

See the other shops here

Maybe foreigners choose Shibuya as a destination because this city is one of the most urban areas, having a lot of amusement places, clothes shops, and love hotels. If you come to Shibuy and stay a love hotel come to our shops to see latest sex toys.

Contact me if you got any questions: ssi_kawauso (Twitter); I’m okay with both Japanese and English.